A Three Part Series: Let's Talk About the Bedroom-Ladies

Now ladies…it’s your turn!

To be completely transparent and hopefully resonate with at least one of you, here’s my story…at one point in my relationship, I thought my sex life was over. Completely. Over. I was going through a lot of problems with my health. I had ovarian cysts that were incredibly painful. I was undergoing treatment for birth control problems that made me sicker than one can imagine. My cervix was giving me positive readings for abnormal squamous cells. I had a biopsy of my cervix that hurt so bad I almost kicked the doctor in the face. And to top it off, sex hurt worse than I ever thought possible. And I was only 24. I thought my life was over…my intimacy was non-existent because I literally couldn’t have sex. Boy, I wish knew about oils back then. Not that they would have fixed everything like a magic trick or anything. But, knowing what I know now, I think I could have reduced the amount of anxiety, and tears, that I experienced during those couple of years.

I ended up resenting my body for doing this to me and to my husband. I felt like he deserved better. I felt like running away so he wouldn’t be burdened by me and my bodies problems. Thankfully he is Superman and was stronger than I knew a human could be. He has always been there and supportive of what my body was going through at any given time. Thank you W…without you I wouldn’t have the strength today to share what we’ve been through and hopefully help women out there with similar feelings.

So ladies, how often do we feel stressed from the thousand things on our to do list? How often do our menstrual cycles make us feel undesirable or are out of whack? Maybe the kids have you run ragged one day (or more than one day). Or maybe you feel turned on but your body isn’t responding. Sound familiar? Let’s get some support…

  • Stressed from the never ending list: Tranquil. This is a pre-made roller that contains Lavender, Cedarwood and Roman Chamomile. These sound dreamy and stress relieving just reading them. Lavender eases tension and stress, Cedarwood is calming and relaxing to the mind and body and Roman Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory and also helps relieve tension. Roll this blend on your wrist, neck or in the palms of your hands, take some deep breaths and I know you’ll be ready to conquer that never ending list.
  • No mojo or period acting out: Progessence Plus Serum. This is a magical blend of Frankincense, Bergamot and Peppermint along with other powerhouses like Copaiba and progesterone support from wild yam extract, that will definitely help get your groove back. Applying it up to twice a day really helps balance the female body. Google it and read some testimonies, it’ll bring a tear to your eye.
  • Run completely ragged: Clarity. This blend of Basil, Cardamom, and Peppermint helps with mental alertness. If you’re trying to fight low energy, apply Clarity on the back of your neck, temples and wrists. This oil also contains Geranium which can help with hormone balance, and Jasmine which has been known to promote optimism and could even help support discomfort from our menstrual cycle.
  • Mind is turned on but your body isn’t: Clary Sage. Trust me. Mix 1 drop Clary Sage with a 1/2 pump of carrier oil and rub on your inner thighs and lower abdomen. Cup your hands and take a couple deep breaths as well. I am not kidding you. I thought there was no way this could do anything for me…but what a surprise! I felt more relaxed, confident and my body physically responds. Sometimes I will even add 1 drop of Bergamot and 1 drop of Sensation to the mix and let whatever happens happen.

Ladies, give these oils a try. They are easy to throw into a purse or bag and carry with you so you have them when you need them. To go back to the story I told you today, Progessence Plus Serum and Clary Sage changed my life. That’s a strong statement I know. But they did. After years of researching, eating certain foods, having many doctors appointments, surgery and then recovering, I needed balance. My periods used to be out of control, along with my PMS. Progessence changed that. I can’t and won’t speak for everyone out there, I can only speak for me, and for me, I can’t imagine not having it in my life. My PMS is almost non-existent, my “periods” (I don’t have one anymore after surgery but still cycle like I do have one) are practically unnoticeable. Clary Sage has also been a life saver for those times in the month when stress or my hormones control how my body responds to intimacy. We all experience times when we more resemble the Sahara Desert rather than an oasis. Clary Sage has helped me during those times. What do you have to lose?

If you try any of these oils friends, let me know what you think. I love knowing how oils have changed your world.



Disclaimer: To reiterate, I am not a medical professional. If you are pregnant, breast feeding, taking medications, etc. and have any questions or doubts about oils, please consult your medical professional. I want all of us to be safe and healthy and support one another. We can’t do that if we are not knowledgeable and cautious with our bodies.

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