NingXia 30 Day Challenge-Wrap Up

Hello friends!

Well, the challenge is over…the NingXia challenge that is 🙂

Y’all…it was so fun to do a challenge like this! We may have to make this a regular part of our lifestyle…a challenge every so often.

So, let’s get to the nitty gritty! We wanted to do this challenge because we love the health benefits that NingXia offers. With all the antioxidants and superfoods, that I know we don’t get on a regular basis, we couldn’t pass up the chance to see if it made a difference in our lives.

W and I have a fairly balanced diets, but I know for a fact that we don’t get enough fruits and vegetables to get all of their nutritional benefits. We just can’t fit it all in. Plus, to get some of these food’s benefits, the carb and/or sugar consumption would be out of the question. So, drinking NingXia every day was the perfect answer!

Let’s talk about the struggles first…

W and I love making positive changes in our lives. However, we are really, really busy. So, there were some days that we didn’t drink our NingXia until right before bed. Making it a habit and remembering to do it was hard. I’ll be honest about that. We would constantly remind one another and almost forget sometimes completely. But, by going through that…something good happened.


Now, this is more for me, because W has to be the most patient person on the entire planet. No, seriously. I though, have less patience, especially when it comes to patience with myself. I give myself no wiggle room usually. But, in doing this challenge and constantly forgetting, I learned to let up a little bit. I wasn’t so hard on myself. And I plan to continue that and remind myself of it constantly.

Okay, on to the good stuff 🙂

Knowing that NingXia is a powerhouse of antioxidants and superfoods, we felt better, even mentally, knowing that we were getting that extra boost in our diets and it felt really great!

We both loved the natural energy that NingXia provides. Especially on days at the office that just dragged on and felt like they were never going to end. It was something to look forward to. W even said he appreciated the alertness he felt after drinking it.

I got sick after the first of the year, but really feel like it could have been so much worse if I didn’t have that extra boost of antioxidants. I love that NingXia gives our bodies those ever so important nutrients.

Something we may not have felt consciously, but still get the benefits of, is all the citrus essential oils in NingXia. These oils contain d-limonene which have amazing health benefits. Just Google it my friends…it is powerful and I am so glad we can give our bodies something so good!!

An unexpected result from drinking NingXia every day that I felt, was feeling less hungry and less cravings. My at work mid-morning snacking went down significantly in the month that we did this challenge. I won’t claim that NingXia is the only reason, but what a coincidence huh?? 😉

Friends, there are so many benefits to drinking NingXia daily! We loved this challenge and actually want to start integrating NingXia into our daily lives on a more regular basis.

If you try NingXia friends, let us know! If you grab your starter kit with us, you’ll get two packets of NingXia to get addicted to right off the bat 🙂

Now, what should we do for our next challenge?!


Stephanie and W

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