How To Sign Up With Young Living!

Okay, you’ve done some reading and research, you’ve decided that you want to try essential oils, but now what?!

If you feel overwhelmed, do not fret. I will walk you through the process so it’s easy as pie….blueberry pie….still warm from the oven….with whipped cream….on a cozy Fall day….

Whoa! Got lost there for a second. Guess I know what I’ll be doing later today…

Back to essential oils. So you’ve decided to give Young Living a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. So, what’s next? The best way to try Young Living, is through a YL Starter Kit. Starter Kits give you a chance to try anywhere from one to twelve different oils, along with NingXia (we’ll talk about this in a second), Thieves Hand Sanitizer, spray or mints, and depending on which starter kit you choose, a diffuser as well!

“Which starter kit do I choose?!”

Well, that depends…what are your goals? Priorities?

Are you wanting to use healthier alternatives to clean your home? Then I would suggest the Premium Starter Kit with Thieves. Thieves is a blend of essential oils like lemon, rosemary, clove and cinnamon that magically gets any stain out, cleans without any harsh chemicals or fragrances and can actually boost your immune system at the same time. Talk about an essential oil powerhouse! (You’ll probably hear this a lot because, well, essential oils are powerful!)

Would you like to try a variety of oils and have a diffuser for your home to breathe in all the goodness? Then any of the Premium Starter Kits (PSK) that include a diffuser are right for you; it’s just a matter of picking a diffuser. The Aria is really beautiful and gives any space a dreamy feel. The Dew Drop is sleek and blends in well in any space. The Rainstone is a little more modern and contemporary. While the Desert Mist is elegant and has a candlelight option that flickers while it diffuses.

Are you more concerned with getting enough superfoods that help support your overall wellness? Then let’s start you off with the Premium Starter Kit with NingXia! NingXia is a powerhouse drink! It includes things like wolfberry, blueberry, pomegranate, along with lemon, orange, yuza and tangerine essential oils. NingXia supports energy levels while giving you a boost of antioxidants…who doesn’t need more of those?!

Are you unsure if you want to commit that much money to something you’ve never tried before? If you’re unsure and want to start small, the Basic Starter Kit is a great way to dip your toe. But, if you want to jump all in like I did and begin your essential oil journey, I encourage you to choose a starter kit that inspires you or peaks your curiosity.

“Okay, I decided on a starter kit, now how do I get it?!”

Great! Let’s go step by step so it isn’t overwhelming or confusing.

First, go to Young Living’s website here!

(If this link gives you any trouble, just head to the Young Living main page and make sure you manually type in my Sponsor ID under Sponsor and Enroller (16962684). This will get you access to all of my team’s exclusive content!)

At the top right, there are a few options, one being “Become a Member”. Let’s talk quickly about Member vs. Retail Customer…

  • “Member” means you’ll get 24% off of YL products, you can take advantage of Essential Rewards which helps you earn points toward future purchases, get monthly deliveries of the products you love so you never run out, and qualify for discounted shipping. Young Living also sends loyalty gifts to members that make purchases of 50PV (points) for 3, 6, 9 and 12 consecutive months. Trust me, it is so fun to open your monthly shipment and receive a thank you card and an oil that was a total surprise! And one more thing, as a member, you have the opportunity to earn a commission by sharing YL with others!
  • “Retail Customer” means you’ll miss out on all the great opportunities above!! You’ll pay full price for the products you decide on and miss special announcements and events! You don’t have to commit to a monthly box but, I think once you start using YL products, you will look forward to that shipment every month of products that make you and your family feel good.

Once you decide on your membership, click continue.

Now, based on our starter kit discussion a few minutes ago, choose a kit under step 1, along with a diffuser if applicable, and scroll down to step 2.

This is where you’ll decide if you want to become an Essential Rewards member. This allows you to get points, discounted shipping and earn free oils. If you have questions about ER, click here and hopefully this Q&A will clear up any doubts you may have.

If you chose “Yes” for Essential Rewards, another question will pop up asking you if you want your Premium Starter Kit to be your first Essential Rewards order. The benefit of answering yes to this question is that your PSK will meet the requirements of your first ER order (50PV or over). If you answer no, you will need to build an ER order that meets the 50PV requirement on top of ordering your Premium Starter Kit. My personal opinion, for your very first order, unless you already know you want more than what your PSK comes with, have your Premium Starter Kit count as your first ER order, see what you think and then build future ER orders from there.

Okay, so we have chosen our PSK, we have decided if we want to be ER members, and if want our PSK to count toward our first ER order (see you’re already getting the lingo!!). Under step 3, we will build next months ER order. This may seem overwhelming slash impossible seeing as this may be the first time you are using essential oils. Well, fear not friends! I have a couple suggestions.

Young Living has a few pre-built Essential Rewards Kits as you can see. But, you can also customize your kit. If you want my humble, honest opinion, and let’s be real, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t (insert cute smiley innocent angel emoji here), I would start with hand soap. Hand soap is something we use every single day. Our kids use it, we use it, our spouse uses it, we even use it to wash dishes sometimes in a pinch…come on admit it, you’ve done it too. It is a simple swap that you will barely notice in your daily routine, but will make you feel so much better about the products you and your family are using and will seriously get you hooked on essential oils. Depending on how far you want to jump in, and how many sinks you have, Young Living has a three pack of foaming hand soap, or single packs (which is what I did since we only have two sinks). I would then add the Foaming Hand Soap Refill and delight in knowing you will have hand soap for months and months with my nifty hack that I will share very soon.

If hand soap doesn’t do it for you, I really love and suggest the Roll-Ons. They are such an easy way to try essential oils topically and are so convenient to just throw in your bag and go. I really love the Thieves Roll-On for it’s immune support and purifying properties. I roll it on every night before bed on my spine, under my neck and on my ankles. It’s great for traveling and makes you smell like a spicy Fall dream! Another favorite is the Deep Relief Roll-On. My husband and I love to go to the gym and this is perfect to throw into your gym bag and roll on when your muscles are tired and your joints have carried you through some high impact workouts. It is also super invigorating to smell during a workout and can help give you that boost you’re looking for. Really, any of the Roll-Ons are amazing! I love them all and know you won’t be disappointed with any of them. Carry them with you everywhere and I bet you will find yourself reaching for them often!

Once you choose what you would like in your first ER order, make sure your PV subtotal is over 50 and click “Save Monthly Order”. After you are directed back to the sign-up screen, click “Next”. Here is where you will fill out all of your personal information, create a user name and password for your Young Living account and decide how you want any future compensation to be handled if you choose to share essential oils with others. (Please make sure that my Sponsor ID is listed for Sponsor and Enroller: 16962684.)

After that, click that you accept the terms and conditions (as long as you do) and click “Agree and Continue”. Next you will enter shipping and billing information and after a few more clicks to confirm, you are on your way to the oily life!!! Phew, we made it!! Congratulations!!!!! I can’t wait for your starter kit to show up! I really hope you fall in love like I did and find more and more ways to integrate essential oils into your life and start to see the benefits.

I will send you a welcome email with tips and tricks on how to use the oils in your kit. I am a part of an incredible community that up-builds, shares tips and tricks, checks on each other regularly and has a wealth of knowledge about essential oils and their uses. And you can be a part of that group too!

Stay tuned!! After you get your starter kit you’ll want to come back for tips on how to use your new oils, and some exclusive recipes that we use in our house to get the full benefit of Young Living.